Kalle Kalima pentasonic solo

contemporary, free & avant-garde jazz

Known from Klima Kalima, Soi, Momentum Impacto, Jazz Parasites and Johnny La Marama, the Helsinki-born Berlin-resident Kalle Kalima is a thoroughly modern guitarist always pushing the stylistic

boundaries and the expression of his instrument further. K–18 is a drummerless free quartet, while PentaSonic is his unique and very electric solo performance.

K–18 has just released its debut album Some Kubricks of Blood on the TUM label. It is inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick. Bringing together musical mavericks from different backgrounds, like

the awesome young multi-saxophonist Mikko Innanen (Innkvisition, Delirium, Triot, Gourmet, Mr. Fonebone, etc.), classical/ethnic accordionist Veli Kujala and acoustic bass player Teppo Hauta-aho, who has

been in the vanguard of non-conformist jazz since the 60’s, the band finds its character via micro-intervals and contrasting acoustic and electric instruments, not to mention the fearless collective

improvisation. Mind-bending stuff!

Meanwhile in his PentaSonic solo performance – out on record any day now on La Luna – Kalle processes and samples his guitar sounds that are then fed in a surround system of five amps. A noise-a-phonic

journey in space!


Kalle Kalima
guitar, electronics

Performances in 2008

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