Privacy Policy

Pori Jazz values the privacy and data protection. We are constantly working on being able to provide our services safely for all.

While you are visiting our website cookies may from time to time be transferred to your computer. These cookies may for instance collect data on where from you landed on our web page, which of our subpages you have browsed, when you’ve browsed our pages, which browser you use, what’s your screen resolution, your operating system and IP address.

Cookies enable Pori Jazz and its partners to analyse and develop our services to better attend on the needs of our visitors. Collected data is used to target marketing based on interests indicated by the cookies. Targeted marketing is generalized as no individuals are singled out and their personal data is not combined with otherwise collected data from data subjects.

You can prevent the usage of cookies by changing your browser setup so that it doesn’t allow saving cookies. By doing this you accept that some service functions at our website may not operate as well as with cookies allowed.

Data Protection Clearance

1. Data Controller

Pori Jazz 66 ry
Pohjoisranta 11 C
28100 Pori
+358 (0)10 391 6000

2. Contact Person

Sanna Grönmark
Pori Jazz 66 ry
Pohjoisranta 11 C
28100 PORI

3. Purpose of Data and Processing

Personal information of the data subject is used for

-Maintaining the customer relationship
-Artist production
-Managing festival volunteer crew
-Managing subcontractors
-Managing festival vendors and their staff
-Media and guest accreditation
-Managing authoritative liaisons
-Managing lessors

The basis for Data Processing are
-Contractual liaison
-Liaison set by legislation
-Legitimate interest regarding direct marketing
-Position or employment

4. Collected Data and Informant

Personal information is primarily submitted by the data subjects while signing up to the Pori Jazz data records.

Submitted information primarily includes name, phone number and email address. In some cases, other information is also collected depending on the position or employment. These facts include among others address, social security number, profession, education and bank account.

Information is submitted when data subjects sign up for Pori Jazz services, purchase tickets or sign a contract with the festival.

Data collected from non-registered subjects consists of the usage of services and technical features of used devices. We use analytic services provided by a third party (Google Analytics). This data consists of IP-address, location and cookies.

5. Retention of Data

Duration of retention depends on data subject’s relation to the organization and the purpose of the collected data.

6. Disclosure of Information Outside EU

While sending newsletters to registered customers information is disclosed to third parties, also outside EU and EEA (MailChimp, enclosed within Privacy Shield Framework).

7. Recipients of Personal Information

Pori Jazz does not disclose information to third parties with the exception of cases in which the customer has purchased a service, which is co-produced by Pori Jazz and a third party via a contractual liaison.

8. Information Security and Confidence

Information is strictly restricted within Pori Jazz 66 ry organization and only people with proper clearance are allowed to access the information. Personnel are bound to duty of secrecy. Written agreements and contracts required by GDBR have been signed with organizations providing services to Pori Jazz requiring personal information. Information is secured by required technical and organizational operations.

9. Tracking Technology

We use cookies and other kinds of tracking applications and techniques to identify connected devices, to follow and analyse service usage and habits, to improve provided services and adaptability, to provide recommendations and to target advertising and marketing.

At our website, the visitor approves the usage of tracking technology. The visitor has the possibility to change the browser setup so that it doesn’t allow tracking.

10. Rights of the Data Subject

To audit collected personal data
To rectify or remove collected data
To ban disclosure of data and restrict processing
To ban direct marketing
To withdraw consent of data processing

11. Right to Appeal to Authoritative

The data subject has the right to appeal to authoritative if he or she considers that the data has been processed against the current law. The contact information for the authoritative:

Finnish Ministry of Justice
Data Protection Ombudsman
Ratapihantie 9 (6th floor), 00520 HELSINKI
PL 800, 00521 HELSINKI
+358 (0)29 56 66700

12. Changes within the Data Protection Clearance

We may change this data protection clearance based on changes in legislation. In such cases, we will inform of the changes at our information channels.