Festival year 1984

In 1984 Pori Jazz kept expanding. There were twice as many events as there had been in the summer of 1983 and although the festival attracted over 50 000 people it still wasn’t the financial success the festival organizers had hoped for.

Sarah Vaughan was the Queen of the festival and she made spectacular appearance. Bright young Finnish talent Severi Pyysalo surprised everybody and Paquito D’Riviera even invited him to play in New York. A star had been born.

Though the festival lasted five days starting on July 12th and closing on 15th, several great musicians of whom some were left unnoticed by the audience due to the abundant concert schedule. Overall impression was that there was plenty of good music but at the end of the day the total costs of the festival proved to be higher than the sales and revenues.

Vuoden  festivaalijuliste