Iiro Rantala

Iiro Rantala (42), the action-packed and versatile master of piano music, became a solo artist when Trio Töykeät disbanded in 2006 after having played 2000 shows in 40 different countries during 18 years. The transition was easier for Rantala because he’s also a fully trained, highly respected and regularly performing concert pianist. He has always been breaking borders within his other projects in television, radio, film & children’s music emphasizing the quality of music and not forgetting humor.
He’s solo album “Lost Heroes” (ACT 2011) won the prestigious ECHO award in Germany, and Rantala was awarded another ECHO this year in the best international jazz pianist category. The awards are granted every year by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie, an association of record companies. An ECHO is well respected in Europe.
Kansi Auki Piano Festival, which started in November 2011 at Kapsäkki Music Theatre in Helsinki, is a first in Pori and this format is breaking new ground at the magnificent Pori Theatre along with the splendor of “Lost Heroes” content, interactivity and humor. Rantala’s brand new biography “I guess I can spill the beans by now” (a very free translation) is a must for all music lovers.


Rantala Iiro

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