Bob Brozman

Bob Brozman is an American virtuoso guitar player, slide specialist and an untiring ethnomusicologist and researcher. He is simply an amazing musician who seems to be constantly on the road looking for the common thread which combines different music cultures. And, miraculously this 58 years old multi-talent manages to find time and energy to work as a prolific recording artist, performer, producer and author. Whether it’s a question of Gypsy jazz, calypso, blues, ragtime, Hawaiian or Caribbean music Brozman’s got it covered. He is also familiar with such diverse music cultures as India, Africa, Japan, Papua New Guinea and Reunion Island – including the roots and backgrounds.

Brozman’s discography includes well over 20 albums – the latest being “Par Avion” with a subtitle “Global Guitar Adventures”.
He is well known for his use of National resonator instruments from the 1920s and 1930s, as well as new National Resophonic resonator instruments. The baritone version of the National tricone guitar was designed in conjunction with him in the mid to late 1990s. This instrument is now part of National’s actual range of products. Bob Brozman is the guitarist of the guitarists and a hero among the readers of Guitar Player magazine. You really don’t want to miss his show.


Brozman Bob
guitar, vocals

Performances in 2012

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