Seasick Steve

A true old school bluesman and hobo, Seasick Steve had already had a long and colourful life, when he suddenly five years ago became an international success. He often plays special customised instruments, like the 3-string Trance Wonder guitar, the diddley bow (1-string ”slide-guitar” of the Southern black people) and the Mississippi Drum Machine (a small wooden box kicked for rhythm).

Steven Gene Wold was born in Oakland, California, 1941 and learned to play the blues at eight from K.C. Douglas, who had played with the legendary Tommy Johnson. As a teenager Steve escaped from his mean stepfather by becoming a hobo, hopping freight trains and travelling around the US working odd jobs.

In the 60’s he played professionally befriending musicians, like Janis Joplin. Later, living in Seattle, Steve was friends with Kurt Cobain, while working as a studio engineer and producing indie bands, like Modest Mouse. Still suffering from hobo tendencies, he has since lived in Paris and Norway, where he released his first album Cheap in 2004 with a local rhythm section. Steve has followed his debut with five very successful albums, like Man From Another Time that hit number 4 on the English chart and the brand new You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks.


Wold Steve

Performances in 2011