Honey B. & T-bones

Not the usual run-of-the-mill grind, but a colourful cocktail that reaches from Mississippian blues through psychedelia to difficult-to-categorize pop-rock. The stunning new album Walking Witness stresses the latter. Honey B creates fat basslines and sings in that inimitable ”Lolita meets Memphis Minnie” style, while T-Bone Ed’s slide explores new areas and jazz drummer Jaska Lukkarinen handles rhythm in anything but the obvious way.

They started as a pure blues band in the early 80’s and have since worked with ”the Finnish Dylan” Tuomari Nurmio, UMO Big Band, veteran guitarist Mel Brown and harpist Gary Primich, to name a few. During the course of 13 albums they have changed the focus of their style several times, though the blues are always there somehow. Those features manifest two facts: they haven’t got stuck, but are alive, also in their lyrics, which acutely observe the modern world. Secondly their love for the blues is true, it just doesn’t come out in banal ways. HBTB are always challenging themselves and their audience. For instance, when covering Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line, they change major to minor with breath-taking results.


Assefa Abdissa
Kuloniemi Esa
guitar, vocals
Lukkarinen Jaska
Puurtinen Aija
bass, vocals

Performances in 2011

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