With a brilliant new album, Lime Green Delorean, under their belt, the long-standing trio are at the peak of their powers. They cover a lot of ground from low down blues, heartbreaking country honks and classic garage nuggets to haunting psychedelic painting and movingly melodic indie-rock. One of the great bands of our time, no less!

22-pistepirkko started out at the dawn of the 80’s in Utaj√§rvi, a far off little town in northern Finland. Soon they relocated to Helsinki and changed the language of their songs from Finnish to English. An extremely close trio of two brothers and their cousin, 22-PP have always been very DIY, especially since 2005, when they started their own Bone Voyage company. They are as curious about music as they are anti-trendy. They really dig African desert blues, but they like electro, too, which is why they have taken elements from both. They can be delicately acoustic, use synthesizers really creatively or go way out with wild feedback storms. There’s plenty of familiar points, but the end result is always strangely unique. Outside of Finland 22-PP have a strong following through out Europe and in Japan.


Haverinen Espe
drums, vocals
Keränen Asko
bass, keyboard, vocals
Keränen P-K
vocals, guitar, keyboard

Performances in 2011