Sun Trio


contemporary jazz with an impressionistic touch

Meditative nature-inspired Nordic jazz with folk song-like melodies hangs out with the sweatier, groove-oriented African-American tradition in Sun trio’s impressionistic and spacious, less-is-more-sound, while the leader doesn’t shy away from loops and effects with his trumpet. Sometimes he even sings into his horn. The band won the Young Nordic Jazz Competition in 2006, while Kalevi Louhivuori won the soloist prize.

Main composer, trumpetist Kalevi and drummer Olavi Louhivuori are super talented brothers, who have the wild energy of youth balanced by a musical vision that usually belongs to much older men. Known as the impeccable rhythm holder of the Ilmiliekki Quartet, Olavi has made an intriguing solo ambient record with just drums. Outside of Sun trio, you can hear Kalevi in many different musical settings in bands, like Yona & Liikkuvat Pilvet, the Orgones, Space Machine, Fredator and the Ricky-Tick Big Band. Antti Lötjönen of Ilmiliekki and Five Corners Quintet fame, glues the brothers together with his strong acoustic bass work.

They mention Arve Henriksen, Miles Davis and Dave Douglas as influences. The French Jazz Magazine declared Sun trio’s debut album, Time Is Now (Cam Jazz), “Record of the Month” in September 2009.


Louhivuori Kalevi
Louhivuori Olavi
Lötjönen Antti

Performances in 2010

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