Jeff Beck

rock, jazz, blues, fusion, funk, classical

The original pioneer of modern electric guitar has shown the way for others during five decades. Always looking for new angles, he has gone from R&R and R&B through blues, soul and hard rock on to fusion, jazz rock, electronic experimenting and classical music. Born in 1944 in Wallington, UK, Jeff Beck hit the limelight in 1965 as the Yardbirds lead guitarist after Eric Clapton. He was recommended for the job by Jimmy Page, who also handed him the prize, when Jeff was inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame last year. After the Yardbirds, Beck made a couple of instrumental hits and founded a hard rock band with Rod Stewart on vocals. He opened the 70’s with a new band, whose albums Rough & Ready and Jeff Beck Group are now jazz-rock classics. Inheriting Vanilla Fudge’s rhythm section the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice drew the blueprint for heavy metal. His solo albums Blow By Blow and Wired, with drummer Michael Narada Walden and keyboardist Jan Hammer, strengthened Jeff’s status as the master of fusion.

The passionate vintage car enthusiast has since recorded with many different assembles and won several Grammies. His main inspirations are Les Paul, Cliff Gallup, Chet Atkins and Steve Cropper. Both Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones have wanted Beck to join them. He has guested on records by Stevie Wonder, Stanley Clarke, John McLaughlin, Kate Bush and Morrissey. On his new brilliantly lyrical Emotion & Commotion album Beck interprets a Puccini aria with a 62-piece orchestra, gets truly romantic with Somewhere Over The Rainbow, digs deep into Screaming Jay Hawkins with Joss Stone and plays supremely psychedelic riffs on Hammerhead.


Beck Jeff
Rebello Jason
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Walden Narada Michael

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