ambient jazz, avant-folk with Indian influence

Travelling opens up one’s horizon! That’s why Huntsville keeps zig-zagging from its home country Norway to India, America, the British Isles and elsewhere to hunt ideas. The result is totally unique music of today. It has been called yoga country and abstract drone Americana, but those terms can’t really capture the music. Imagine the good old acoustic Oregon jamming with Brian Eno’s ambient sounds capes in India and you are rather close to the very hypnotic truth.

Huntsville has so far made two albums: For The Middle Class and Eco, Arches & Eras, a double with Sidsel Endresen, Nels Kline and Glen Kotcha as guest artists. The records utilize heavily the multi-instrumental skills of the band. Armed with banjo, guitars, pedal steel, synthesizers, tabla machine, shruti- and sarangi-boxes, and other devices, Huntsville builds a drone-heavy sound that has beautifully lyrical acoustic moments as well as long intensely cybernetic stretches.

The mixer known as The Sound Wizard is as much part of the band as Ivar Grydeland, Tonny Kluften and Ingar Zach, who you see on stage.


Grydeland Ivar
Kluften Tonny
bass, rhythm machine and bass pedal
Zach Ingar
tabla machine, sruti box, drone com

Performances in 2010

Ultra Music Nights