Verneri Pohjola Aurora

modern jazz

The dazzling young trumpetist/composer and son of the late bass maestro Pekka Pohjola takes Pori on in four different settings.

The Aurora band digs into the material of his recent brilliant solo album of the same name and throws in a couple of brand new compositions, too, while his quartet with drummer Joonas Riippa debutes with

their take on the classic early 60’s album For Friends & Relatives by the late great drummer/composer/radio personality Chrisse Schwindt, who was a major mover and a shaker in the earlier

Finnish jazz scene and also one of the founders of the very influential Love Records.

In Iro Haarla’s sextet Verneri Pohjola plays the leading lady’s brand new compositions and with singer Timo Kiiskinen he interprets the evergreens of the legendary cool jazz

trumpetist/vocalist Chet Baker. It’s worth mentioning that Kiiskinen has translated the songs into Finnish with an acute sense of their substance.

Now 31, Pohjola crept into the Finnish music scene as the trumpetist of the funky Quintessence and its freer styled spin-off the Q-Continuum in the 90’s. Later he made international headlines with

the timeless jazz of the Ilmiliekki Quartet, who have so far released two albums. Verneri was Pori Jazz’s “Young Musician of 2004” and has won many other accolades in jazz. He has played

with the mighty UMO and the Warp, features on records by many artists, like his dad, his soul brother Tuomo Prättälä and organist Jukka Gustavson, and is the drummer in his trombonist/singer

brother Ilmari’s band Silvio.


Aki Rissanen
Antti Lötjönen
Ilmari Pohjola
trombone, vocals
Joonas Riippa
Pepa Päivinen
woodwind instruments
Verneri Pohjola

Performances in 2009

mbar stage