Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten

jazz, fusion, rock, funk

Set the controls for the heart of the bass. ”Considering we’re three guy playing the same instrument, it’s going to be a real revelation for folks. You’ll hear the electric bass in

particular with some whole other possibilities. It’s a great new day for the bass!”, explains master bass man Stanley Clarke (Return To Forever, Jeff Beck, Stan Getz, Pharoah Sanders,
etc.) his joint venture with two other bass monsters.

“To work with Stanley and Marcus is a dream come true for me. We’ve each brought in tunes for the Thunder album that allow plenty of space and interpretation from the other guys. Best

of all, it’s very musical. The bass heroics are there, but people are going to be surprised at how musical it’s going to be,” enthuses Victor Wooten (The Flecktones, Bill Evans,

Prince, Chick Corea’s Elecktric Band, etc).

“That was important. We’ve had to encourage each other to play with more technique at times. The most interesting thing has been to hear the distinct sounds of our basses side by side. For me,

it’s like listening to the history and evolution of the instrument. It’s amazing!” says Marcus Miller, who produced and played on several Miles Davis -albums. He has also produced

Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Luther Vandross and played with Paul Simon, Brecker Brothers, Grover Washington Jr.

Stanley sums SMV up: “Man, this is so bad-ass! When you have that amount of knowledge, respect and love, it always creates clarity in the music.”


Marcus Miller
Stanley Clarke
Victor Wooten

Performances in 2009

Kirjurinluoto Arena