Priscilla Ahn

folk, jazz, pop, country

One of the legendary Blue Note’s latest signings is a serious rival for Norah Jones and other more or less folky female artists. But the Pennsylvanian girl with Korean roots doesn’t sit easily

into ready-made categories. Her warm and intimately natural music navigates effortlessly around folk, jazz, country and pop without sticking to any one of them.

Priscilla Ahn was about to start her music studies, when one of the professors in the school called her and advised her to skip the school and seriously consider the career of a singer/songwriter. She did

exactly that and is now extremely grateful to her adviser. After relocating to LA she gigged relentlessly and eventually got a recording deal on Blue Note. Her debut album A Good Day, came out last

year. The sound is spaciously light and economical, while it eschews all things plastic and trendy. Accompanied by drums, bass and/or cello, Priscilla plays guitar, piano, harpsichord, harmonica and

autoharp. Joey Waronker takes care of drums and production like only a thoroughly experienced veteran can.


Jake Blanton
keys, vocals
Priscilla Ahn
guitar, vocals
Wendy Wei-Jo Wang
bass, vocals

Performances in 2009

Porin teatteri
Cafe Jazz