Uffe Krokfors solo

modern jazz

A meditative trip to the heart of the big bass along the majestic lines of the new solo bass album The Incense of All Our Prayers.

41 year old Ulf Krokfors is one of the foremost names in Finnish jazz bass art. He gets a call whenever a true contra bass specialist is needed.

Internationally Uffe is best known for his long tenure in Raoul Björkenheim’s mighty Krakatau, he also played on the guitar wizard’s multi- guitar composition Apocalypso. His deeply contemplative bass style has been an integral element of the late great Edward Vesala’s Sound & Fury, Jorma Tapio’s Rolling Thunder, Esa Pietilä Trio, Juhani Aaltonen Trio and the rockier ensembles of Judge Bone, Jukka Gustavson and Ufo Mustonen. He is master guitarist Antero Jakoila’s favourite bass man and the low end of three piano combos: John’s Sons, Klang and Samuli Mikkonen Band. Recently he has collaborated with harpist/keyboardist Iro Haarla, both live and on records, like Northbound and Penguin Beguine. In Pori he performs solo and in a two bass duo with Frenchman Claude Tchamitchian (see Guillaume, Roy & Tchamitchian).


Uffe Krokfors
double bass

Performances in 2008

Ultra Music Nights