Festival year 2004

Pori Jazz 2004 was full of star performers. Ticket sales reached 70 000, which guaranteed profits for the organisation. In addition, 74 000 listeners visited free of charge events.

Kirjurinluoto filled to its maximum capacity twice: on the 18th and 24th of July. This kick-started discussions on taking the event to Pori Delta Arena.

Festival offered 110 concerts, from 112 groups, 47 of which were Finnish. All in all, jazz played for over 230 hours, at 16 different locations.

This year the festival had three smaller themes within it; Ultra Music, UrkuJazz and Django- events, which achieved audiences adoration. The festival was jazzed up by other new happenings, such as, Bebop-jams at Café Jazz as well as Pori Church which was reopened as a festival location.

Verneri Pohjola (26), a trumpeter from Helsinki was chosen as the artist of the year. He is best known for putting together the band Ilmiliekki Quartet. Verneri also influences in the Quintessence. He is a broad-minded artist, who possesses a fine lyrical and romantic sound.

Pori Jazz 2004 poster was a drawing designed by Spanish artist/photographer Pablo Aragenuin. The poster depicts a hand and the keyboard of a piano. Pablo Aragenui is specialised in jazz photography and has designed for example, Vitoria Jazz posters and graphics. Vitoria Jazz is a Spanish festival organised in co-operation with Pori Jazz.

Vuoden  festivaalijuliste


"Invisible Correspondance"
"Paris Copenhagen Ultra Unit"
"The Champs" with Ximo Tebar, Joey Defrancesco & Byron Landham
AK Jazz Collection
Aleksei Kanunnikov Dixieland Band
Alicia Keys
Alto Voltaje feat. Erick Jon & Dharmaone
Andreas Öberg Trio
Angie Stone
Anker / Ducret/ Friis / Pasborg
Antti Sarpila & Marian Petrescu
Antti Sarpila Sessions
Art Ensemble of Chicago
Asian Spirits
B3 Jam Session
B3 Organ Festival:
Benoît Delbecq "Piano Book"
Bill Saxton Quartet
Bo Kaspers Orkester
Brian Melvin Band
Calvin Hill Combo
Calypso King & Soul Investigators feat Edu Kehäkettunen;DJ´s Didier, Tupla-Jukka
Campbell Bros
Charles Tolliver Big Band
Conjunto Cafe
Craig Handy Quintet
Dainy Ray
Daughters of Soul feat. Lalah Hathaway, Simone & Milini Khan
Dawn Thomson Quartet
Dennis Jeter Sings
Dixie Hummingbirds
DJ Allekirjoittanut & Ruudolf
DJ Club
DJ Didier and Edu Kehäkettunen, Tuomio & Kone, Setä Koponen, Anonymous
DJ Soul-Sami
DJ´s Dharmaone and Henkirikos
Django Festival:
Doctor Structure
Enrico Granafei
Erja Lyytinen
For Free Hands
Hot Club De Norvege
Hot Club de Suede
Howard Johnson Quintet
Jam Session
Jam Session by Reiska Laine
Jam Session by Sibis Teachers
Jam Session by Ted Curson
Jan Maksimovich Quartet
Jean-Michel Pilc Trio
Joey DeFrancesco Trio
Joona Toivanen Trio
Jukka Gustavson Band
Jukka Tolonen Guitars
Jussi Raittinen & Jump´n´Jive
Kevin Dean Organ Trio
Komposti Soundi: Selektorit Bommitommi and Henkirikos, Seppo Paarma, Bongo Rhino
Kurt Rosenwinkel Quintet feat. Joshua Redman
La Campagnie des musiques à Ouir
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Le Bal de la Campagnie des Musiques à Ouir
Lenni-Kalle Taipale
Leonard King Jr Trio
Los Cumbancheros
Louis Hayes Cannonball Legacy Band
Louis Sclavis Napoli's Walls
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
Macy Gray
Marian Petrescu
Maris Briezkalns & guest vocalists I
Maris Briezkalns & guest vocalists II
Maris Briezkalns Quartet
Marja Tikkanen
Night of the Cookers
Olli Ahvenlahti Meditation with Johanna Iivanainen & Eero Koivistoinen
Olli Ahvenlahti with Johanna Iivanainen & Eero Koivistoinen
One Four All New Orleans Band
Ophelia Ragtime
Palmgren-konservatorion Big Band
Pekka Pohjola Band with Marzi Nyman & Pori Sinfonietta
Petit Cirque
Petrescu Trio
Pio with Rêve Bohème
Pop & Jazz-musiikkileirin opiskelijat
Pori Sinfonietta & Ophelia Ragtime
Poriginal Quartet
quatuor IXI
Raivo Tafenau
Ray Blue, Dennis Jeter & Bianca Morales
Reiska Laine Trio
Robert Stewart Group
Ryo Kawasaki
Sandy Evans Trio
Sibis All Stars
Sound of Choice
Spirit of Life Ensemble
Stevie Wonder
Tania Maria
Ted Curson
Ted Curson & Linna Jazz Big Band
The Bronson feat. Jukka Perko
The Five Corners Quintet
Tomi Harrivaara Trio feat. Heidi Viljanen
Toxikum feat. Marc Ducret
Van Morrison
Vesa-Matti Loiri "Ystävän laulut"
Vitali Group
Vitali Imereli & Önder Focan
Vocal Parade I
Vocal Parade II
Young Music-Caravan Europe 2004