Festival year 1990

The festival started on July 11th and closed on the 15th. In the advance information brochure the festival was promoted with these lines:

“Kirjurinluoto, the Cotton Club, Jazz Street, CafĂ© Jazz, the Repola Factory, the Newport Jazz & Blues Tent, the Art Museum and all the jazz clubs form an unique festival environment by the banks of the River Kokemäenjoki right in the heart of the city. Once started the festival grips you with its unforgettable atmosphere and celebration of wonderful music. Jazz is an attitude taking form not only in the music played at 17 stages but also in pictures and of people living in and visiting the town.

The concept of jazz changes and we all draw the lines based on what we hear. But it’s not only standards you’ll hear in Pori – you’ll also get to enjoy more experimental jazz, blues and other kinds of music with stunning rhythms played by world class artists.”

Vuoden  festivaalijuliste