Festival year 1975

The 10th international jazz festival was held in Pori from July 10th to 13th in 1975. Pori Jazz was establishing its status as great and well-respected event. The festival was beginning to have a more professional touch as the people organizing it had had practical training over the ten years. The festival, which had started as a small event organized by some local people who were into jazz had became something quite different than the organizers had expected ten years earlier.

There was an exhibition of the history of the festival at the Satakunta Museum. The exhibition along with great concerts (featuring performers like Billy Harper, Roland Kirk, Anita O’Day and Mauron Williams and some Finnish groups like Piirpauke) attracted more than 50 000 people, which was the largest number of people attending the festival ever.

The organizers hadn’t been prepared for such a success and managing director Jyrki Kangas stated that the festival had expanded quite enough. In the future they wouldn’t be interested in booking artists who would increase the audience further.

The annual scholarship was presented to Pekka Pöyry.

“And the weather favored the festival” was used for the final time to close the annual report.

Vuoden  festivaalijuliste