Festival year 1971

The festival kept on growing and some said it was time to slow down but the festival just kept on expanding. A jazz train brought people from Helsinki to Pori and the first jazz camping site was founded. There were more concerts and more performers.

Even more people attended the concerts though the quality of the audience didn’t please everybody. People dressed freely irritating some of the locals though soon the attitude changed, first to curiosity and then to acceptance. Probably because they realized that the city of Rauma (beloved enemy) had nothing like Pori Jazz to brag about.

The festival started on July 16th and the last concert was played on July 18th. There were 17 groups performing at 8 different venues. Herbie Hancock, Don Cherry, Benny Bailey and DDT Jazzband were some of the performers that charmed the audience.

Vuoden  festivaalijuliste