Festival year 1967

After the first festival the organizers were quite amazed by its success, and so, encouraged by the positive feedback the festival committee started planning for the 2nd Pori Jazz. Pori Jazz 66 Association applied for a 3 000 FIM grant from the city but the Pori Music Board didn’t favor the application. They did however let the festival organizers use Kirjurinluoto free of charge.

The Pori Breweries kept on supporting the festival both by money and by lending trucks and drivers. During the first few festivals the Pori Breweries was the only actual sponsor Pori Jazz had.

In 1967 the festival lasted three days starting on July 14th and closing on 16th featuring Ben Webster and The 3rd U.S. Army Band among others.

After the 2nd festival some reporters used phrases like “is already a concept” and “has proven to be a necessary institution” when describing Pori Jazz. At the time phrases like these were rather daring but considering developments quite accurate.

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