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History of Pori Jazz. International Festival Every Year in July

Festival year 2014

Year of reorganization

Summer 2014 brought some of the most significant changes within the festival as seen in years. Kirjurinluoto Arena was expanded into a multi-stage concert park with 15 acts during the concert day and the legendary Lokkilava Stage became a worthy venue for jazz once more. Finnish authoritative banned the audience for bringing their own alcohol into the venue and though the media speculated that this would reduce the ticket sales, the festival actually attracted its largest crowd in five years.

Versatile all-star program included among others Bob Dylan, James Blunt, Pet Shop Boys, Patti Smith and Jamie Cullum. There were also public debates on music industry and arts in general co-produced with SuomiAreena.

Ticket sales reached up to 62 000 and the attendance at the Jazzstreet was 300 000. Pori Jazz Kids Festival attracted some 12 000 people. All together there were six venues and nine stages. There were 111 concerts of which 59 were free of charge.

Drummer, composer Olavi Louhivuori was awarded as Artist of the Year 2014.
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