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History of Pori Jazz. International Festival Every Year in July

Festival year 2006

Pori Jazz Festival was arranged for the 41st time in 2006 and was a huge success in every way. Repertoire was a hit and the weather was beautiful, which made people folk in their thousands’ to Pori.

Altogether around 155 000 people took part in concerts, 2/3 of which were free of charge. The number of visitors was the highest in festival history. It was also a breakthrough year for Pori Jazz Kids Festival, which quadrupled its number of visitors compared with 2005. An estimated 10 000 people were present.

Ticket sales accumulated to 76 000. Saturday’s Kirjurinluoto Arena concert attracted the biggest crowd - 30 000 sold tickets. Performers included Rooselvelt Jazz Band, The Dizzy Gillespie All Star Big Band cond. Slide Hampton, The Five Corners Quintet feat. Severi Pyysalo, as well as Sting, who took his audience by storm. Approximately 37 000 people took part in the day’s festivities. Main performer of Friday’s concert was Kanye West who attracted around 15 000 young music lovers. Both, Thursday and Sunday’s events managed to sell 5 000 tickets each. The festival was budgeted on sales of 50 000 tickets - target which was clearly exceeded and helped the organisation to make up for previous years’ losses.

The festival saw 112 concerts, 73 of which were free of charge. All in all 634 artists, 150 groups; 89 of which were Finnish, performed during the week, at 12 different venues. New locations: Ultra Music Night at Pori’s Puuvilla as well as concert tent LP41! proved to function well.

Attending to the record number of people at the Arena was a challenge for the organisation. Special arrangements were made to ensure audiences security and enjoyment. At times traffic on the walk paths slowed down and caused blockages, which were swiftly cleared by redirecting people. Overall the organisation rose up to the challenge and things ran smoothly.

Communal summer event SuomiAreena which was held at the same time with the festival brought added flavour to the city.

Out of all the music played during Pori Jazz 2006, two third’s was pure jazz and the rest other rhythm music.

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