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History of Pori Jazz. International Festival Every Year in July

Festival year 2004

Pori Jazz 2004 was full of star performers. Ticket sales reached 70 000, which guaranteed profits for the organisation. In addition, 74 000 listeners visited free of charge events.

Kirjurinluoto filled to its maximum capacity twice: on the 18th and 24th of July. This kick-started discussions on taking the event to Pori Delta Arena.

Festival offered 110 concerts, from 112 groups, 47 of which were Finnish. All in all, jazz played for over 230 hours, at 16 different locations.

This year the festival had three smaller themes within it; Ultra Music, UrkuJazz and Django- events, which achieved audiences adoration. The festival was jazzed up by other new happenings, such as, Bebop-jams at Café Jazz as well as Pori Church which was reopened as a festival location.

Verneri Pohjola (26), a trumpeter from Helsinki was chosen as the artist of the year. He is best known for putting together the band Ilmiliekki Quartet. Verneri also influences in the Quintessence. He is a broad-minded artist, who possesses a fine lyrical and romantic sound.

Pori Jazz 2004 poster was a drawing designed by Spanish artist/photographer Pablo Aragenuin. The poster depicts a hand and the keyboard of a piano. Pablo Aragenui is specialised in jazz photography and has designed for example, Vitoria Jazz posters and graphics. Vitoria Jazz is a Spanish festival organised in co-operation with Pori Jazz.

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