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History of Pori Jazz. International Festival Every Year in July

Festival year 1995

Starting from July 15th and running up to July 23rd Pori Jazz celebrated its 30th anniversary. The press criticized the repertoire due to the fact that it had been expanded to include more soul (James Brown and Wilson Pickett), blues (B.B. King) and even rock (Chuck Berry). How ever, the audience seemed to like the concept though mild protests were made when Lapin Kulta replaced Pori Breweries as one of the sponsors and local beer was no longer served at the festival.

Newspaper headlines all over Finland described Pori Jazz 95 with phrases like

”For a Change They Actually Played Some Jazz in Kirjurinluoto”

”Pori Jazz Closing in on the Limit of Expansion”

”Pori Jazz Broke Old Attendance Records”

”Jazz Festival or Vanity Fair”
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