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History of Pori Jazz. International Festival Every Year in July

Festival year 1992

Starting on July 11th and closing on the 19th the 27th festival offered the audience all kinds of rhythmic music starting from both traditional and radical jazz and finding its way to urban rock music via rooted blues scales. Concert venues were the traditional ones including Kirjurinluoto, the Cotton Club and the Rauma Factory. New Russian jazz was featured during the Ultra Music Meeting sessions.

The Jazz street celebrated its 10th anniversary with bazaars, free concerts, small acoustic groups performing on the street and also some new jazz clubs were founded.

515 musicians performed at Pori Jazz 92 and 162 of them were Finnish. 21 stages were located at 13 different venues and there were 124 concerts of which 34 were offered as the complimentary. 314 hours of wonderful music during the festival is not a bad result. Not bad at all.
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